Retail Marketing


Intermediate Retail Marketing Program is designed to take your retail marketing skills to the next level. Building upon a solid foundation in retail marketing, this program offers advanced coursework and hands-on experience to help you excel in the competitive world of retail.

Specialization to choose:

Students can further specialize in one of the following areas:

  1. Visual Merchandising: Dive deeper into creating captivating in-store displays and layouts to optimize the customer shopping experience.
  2. Digital Marketing: Advance your skills in online advertising, social media marketing, and e-commerce strategies to excel in the digital retail space.
  3. Retail Management: Enhance your leadership and management skills to effectively oversee store operations, inventory, and customer service teams.


Our Intermediate Retail Marketing Program includes an optional internship component for those looking to gain practical experience. You’ll have the opportunity to work with leading retail brands and organizations, applying your knowledge in real-world retail settings.


  • Advanced retail simulation labs equipped with the latest technology and software.
  • Access to cutting-edge tools for data analysis, digital marketing, and visual merchandising.
  • Collaborative spaces for group projects, marketing campaigns, and case studies.
  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals through workshops and seminars.


Our career services team is dedicated to helping students secure internships and job placements. We maintain strong connections with established retail giants and innovative startups, providing our graduates with valuable connections and opportunities in the retail marketing industry.


Salaries in the retail marketing industry vary depending on factors such as location, specialization, and experience. With an intermediate level of expertise, graduates can expect competitive salaries, with ample opportunities for career advancement.

Enroll in our Intermediate Retail Marketing Program to elevate your career in the world of retail marketing. Build specialized skills in visual merchandising, digital marketing, or retail management and position yourself for success in this dynamic industry.

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