BTK- Basic Training Kitchen

in short, it’s called BTK equipped with the best and the latest equipment.
In this kitchen, different varieties of food in minimum quantity are taught. Different cuisine spread across India are taught. Students are made taught on the nuances of cuisine preparations of the world in general and India in specific. Students in the first year hotel management course are exposed to this kitchen

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QTK – Quantity Training Kitchen

in short, it’s called QTK young chefs in making are taught to cook food in bulk. Our QTK has the best equipped to cook for 1000 pacs. This training kitchen ensures the yesteryear boys to transform into a budding chef. students of the second year hotel management course are given training in this kitchen.

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Bakery & Confectionery

Students of the first year are exposed to this lab here they learn basic baking skills, this apart they also learn decorating of cake, baking of bread, making of pasties and dessert and other allied techniques.

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Advanced Training Kitchen

Pinnacle IHM’s expansive is very modern and one very few colleges in India to have a see-through ATK. Its steel cladding ensures the highest hygiene. In this kitchen, students are taught cuisines of the world with the main focus on cold kitchen. This kitchen uses induction stoves. It uses cutting edge technology.

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Training Restaurant

Pinnacle IHM has one of the biggest training restaurants and bars spread over 3000sft. Here students are taught the nitty-gritty of serving food and beverage service. They are taught how to receive and etiquette. They are given in-depth knowledge of different types of napkin folds, glassware, cutlery, and crockery.

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Bar Counter

Pinnacle IHM has one of the biggest bar counters spreading across 18 feet different types of cocktails, mocktails are taught here apart from mixology. They are taught basic moves in flair bartending and jugglery. The students are taught different cases studies in dealing with guests

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Front Office Lab

Pinnacle IHM has one the best front office lab in the country. Students are taught how to use world-class front office labs to handle reservations, registrations, billing, guest relations..etc. Students are taught how to handle situations and different kinds of guests.

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Computer Lab

This fully loaded WiFi-enabled lab teaches students the latest in the computer world that is relevant to the hotel industry.

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Model Guest Room

These rooms are almost a replica of a hotel room of a luxury five-star hotel. Here the students are taught the art of bed making. They are also exposed to the nuances of interior designing and up keeping of hotel rooms.

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Recreation / Sports

We have a foot ball, volley ball and kabadi courts and indoor activities table tennis, caroms and many more keeps mind and body healthy

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AV Class Rooms

Our digital classrooms ensure students are taught the most intricate things in a simple way.
These classrooms are designed in the ergonomically designed.

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Food Science Lab

Helps in blending taste with health

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This resource center has many volumes of books, periodicals, Students spend hours at a place to improve their knowledge. Students can also access digital volumes here.

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Seminar Halls

Our state- of- the- art seminar hall is the epitome of several activities. This is a magic place where student’s hidden skills come out right from oratory to acting to presentation to stand up comedy to many many more. Many events take place here right from conferences to seminars to theme-oriented presentations, lunches to name a few.

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Housekeeping lab

Also helps equipping students with green clean methods apart from conventional

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Soft skills & English language Labs

Makes students into holistic professionals

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This is the in-house counselling center where experienced psychologists address various kinds issue and suggest suitable remedy.


This is the mediation and yoga hall for students where their nerves are cooled by experienced instructors. This will helps students focus on various things.

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Pinnacle has its own health club. In this students height v/s weight is measured and if any abnormalities are found, suitable dietary modifications are suggested. This apart students are taught what to eat so that they can good physic which is very much essential for the hotel industry.

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The Gymnasium . At pinnacle we believe a healthy body in a healthy mind . Which is the reason we gym equipped with the best in the industry.

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This is the open air theater where most of the cultural activities take place.

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This our placement and training division. It has exclusive national and international training and placement wings. This division ensures students are trained in the right way to face interview right from preparation of C.V’s to conduct of mock interviews to body language to many more.

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This is student cafeteria.

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