Pinnacle Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology

Head boy and Head girl ; At Pinnacle a head boy and a head girl are nominated by the faculty they play a pivotal role in all the college activities let it extracurricular or co curricular . The selection criteria for these posts is very scientific many important factors are taken in to consideration such as merit, grooming, participation in events, leadership qualities and many more. They head boy and head girl are decorated with the prestigious medals on their uniform.

At Pinnacle student relish every moment they spend in the campus with so many activities happening We have five clubs each headed by group captain , vice captain and executive member.

  • Hilton hawks
  • Hyatt Panthers
  • Marriott Titians
  • Oberoi Spartans
  • Taj Vikings

Students can join any club of their choice. Competitions are held between each of these group on a regular basis. An annual event called “Pinnacle’s Hero’s ” is held the group which gets maximum number of points will be award the rolling cup.

Pinnacle believes a healthy body is a healthy mind hence we have made extensive play grounds for playing volley ball, kabbadi, throw ball and many more.

We also have an in house gym where students can stretch their muscles and carve themselves a better shape

For conducting indoor activities we have a Table tennis and snooker pool tables.

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