How to choose a hotel management college?​


How to choose a hotel management college?

So it is that time of year again, you have completed 11th&12th and have scored an exceptionally good score in boards and it just got better every year, and you’ve made a decision to be a Hospitality Professional, by this point I guess it wouldn’t be a crime to say that you are just one step away from choosing what you want to do and shine brighter than a sun in your career as a Hospitality professional, so the obvious question has to asked, there are several Hotel management institutions in India, A report which was generated in the year 2015 has said that India is a growing hub of Hospitality, and to be precise there are about 760 universities and 38,450 colleges which are considered to be of National Importance, so therefore how does one make an effective decision in choosing the right college?, let’s find out as we have put up a list that consists of the most important factors that you as a student should consider and guidelines you must follow that will play an imperative role when it comes to making a right choice in choosing a Hotel management college.

The What?

Every institution is unique and has its own reputation and a market value, it is common knowledge that Hotel Management majorly deals with equipping students with practical knowledge, and it is of paramount importance that a student fundamentally chooses a college which primarily concentrates on providing internships and training at valued places, so therefore what framework, variables and limitations  one should consider while getting admitted in an institution, lets dive deep into these factors which will assist you in short listing colleges after 12th, after all “How to choose a college” is not certainly a subject taught in school.

The How?

Before you actually start studying the below given information, I kindly request you to take a pen and a notepad and write down the following questions that will assist you in compartmentalizing the information you’ve gathered.

  • Rank your priorities
  • What are the attitudes of other students? Do they seem happy?
  • How popular is this college in terms of achieving awards and accolades?
  • How good is the training and placement center on comparison with other colleges? And have they listed it on the official website.
  • What are the biggest strengths and core competencies of this college? And in what way is this going to affect your academic credibility?
  • In the years that you are going to invest in, what career opportunities is this particular Institution going to providing you? And if these options assist you in getting back your ROI (Return on Investment) as soon as possible?
  • What specialized and professional academic resources are available for the students here? Are there any specialized instructional methodologies and international university collaborations?
  • Does the institution have a fitness center?
  • Does the institution have a specialized in house psychological counseling centre?
  • What did most students do after graduating?
  • Is the curriculum and academic structure of the college on par with your personal interests? And how does this allow for flexibility to accommodate your own values?

Now that you have your questions listed let’s get right into the important factors that you as a student should consider while choosing a Hotel Management College.

The Why?

Academic achievements & performance one of the most important factors that is essential when it comes to choosing the right institution is academic achievements/performance, there are two most important aspects that you must check when it comes to making a right decision,

  1. The ranking of this particular institution in terms of their academic curriculum &performance as well as their awards and accolades
  2. Reviews written by companies that come for placement as well as peer reviews.


 As a student it is your responsibility to do enough research and homework and to accumulate as much           information and details as possible before making the ultimate call, needless to say FAILING TO PLAN IS INEVITABLY PLANNING TO FAIL, just because you have completed secondary education doesn’t mean you can go easy in thinking and planning about next stage in life, but failing to do your research on the academic achievement and   performance could lead to a dead end in your career .

Academic reputation the reputation of the institution is another important and crucial aspect that you should consider, when you hear phrases like

“The college is too strict”

”The rules are too strict”

”The timings are not short”

“Discipline is too high”

”Grooming standards are rigid”

”Attendance is mandatory”

YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THAT PLACE as these phrases are mostly told by those who are not fit enough to be the best. You as a student should know better in terms of taking reviews from enrolled/passed out students, it is imperative that you do some kind of research on that particular student who you are asking, it is wise to say that you shouldn’t consider people who dropped out, people who failed, people with substance abuse issues as it not exactly fruitful. You should be to able assess the success rate both in terms of overall students performance and performance of the institution as when compared against other institutions.


  • You as a student should realize that we live in an age of misinformation, it is advisable that you source your information from a trusted, legitimate college website, there is a fine line between perception and reality, and more often than not reality is often disappointing, if incase you are considering a college you should NOT EXPECT the college to be “Less rigid/no grooming standards”,”No discipline”,”Come and Go when you feel like it”,”No attendance”,”There are no rules”, you have to understand that any job or position in the world requires hardship and dedication and while you might be getting a fat payment  the concept of hard work and dedication is the same when it comes to hospitality industry, you are required to do things that may not interest you or be boring and sometimes tiresome and tedious. So it is ultimately up on your willingness face the demands of the industry as well as your career.

Affordability some institutions have exceptionally high annual fee for the courses they offer, and very few institutions provide you with a loan facility and term fee facility, it is completely up  to you on how you make a decision, needless say to that just because a college charges less fee doesn’t mean your future is secured with them history has proved time and again that poor standards of education and cheaper education has caused loss at a massive sale on many levels, you must compare and contrast other facilities as education is not an expense but an investment in your future if you think about penny and dime today, you won’t even have a peanut in your pocket to make up for loss of time.


You as a student should know that it is really important to consider the aspect of affordability

-Forgetting to considering it or

-Ignoring the Institution completely because of it or

-Considering the Institution only because of it

will result in massive financial loss as well as loss of time, you should not be blinded because of one single aspect, on the other hand if you are perusing education via a financial aid or if youre parents are able to finance your education with their own money you cannot to choose ignore it as costs do add-up really quickly.

 Facilities and Infrastructure you should always remember that while considering a Good Hotel management Institution, there are few things you should remember, but before considering these factors it is important for you to know that Hotel Management is a practical driven course what this essentially means is that there is going to be more practical than theory, with this in head you should look for the following things:

  • Training and placement center
  • Center for career counseling
  • Center for psychological counseling
  • Centre for learning and development
  • Gymnasium
  • Front Office lab
  • Housekeeping lab
  • Quantity training kitchen
  • Basic training kitchen
  • Advance training kitchen
  • No fire technology kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Model guest room
  • Replica of a working professional restaurant
  • Replica of a  working professional Bar
  • A library/ digital library
  • Computer lab
  • Class rooms with projectors
  • AV room for specialized training
  • Cafeteria
  • Language labs
  • Health club
  • Games room
  • Yoga rooms

You should always remember that a good hotel management college encompasses of all these facilities that are predominantly student centric and are established for all round development.


-You as student should always ensure to take a quick tour of the campus not only to have an idea of student life but also to see if you are getting your ROI(Return on Investment) in terms of the facilities provided by that institution.

-You should ensure that the campus should comprise of a good IT-Structure as well as a library both physical and electronic, conductive lecture class rooms and theaters, a parking area and cafeteria.

-These facilities would fundamentally be basic, and you should keep an eye out for these facilities.

-Before making the final call about choosing an institute, it is of utmost importance that a hotel management college you are about to choose consists state of the art classrooms, Kitchens and various other labs for purpose of learning practically.

– You have to know that all these labs are important for practical learning and for you to perform at the best of your abilities.

-If the institution does not have the enlisted facilities, you must realize that education system in that particular college is not up to the standard, this could affect your career, your grades, and with deprived educational standards your future would ultimately be at stake.

Campus recruitment so you’ve made your list compared each and everything against the list, debated on what’s better for you, here lies the ultimate decision maker, you as a student should always keep in mind that a good hotel management college always shows its alumni and does not hide away from providing information about them to you, it is of paramount importance that you should strategically place yourself in an institution that has really good track record of placement, the ultimate goal as a student after you complete your education is to get a placement in a prestigious establishment that promises you a successful and fruitful career, you should always check the placement record,  companies the said institution is in tie up with, and the most important of them all a career guidance counselor


Bare in mind that the process of choosing the right place for your future is a slow and excruciatingly long process, it takes time and the best will always come for those who wait, you should do your research, weigh all your options, and most importantly taking a decision on time means you’re already better than the most and you’ve already took your first step in having a successful career, always remember that you should never wait till the last minute or step in too early only realize you’ve made a mistake.

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Therefore in conclusion I would like to wish you all the best for your future, and patience is the key to success in life and you now possess the right knowledge to make life changing decisions, stay safe and stay focused, and thank you for reading till the end.


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