Five Reasons Why Culinary Professionals Are In Demand World Over

Five Reasons Why Culinary Professionals Are In Demand World Over

A few years back, most people used to associate the culinary industry mainly with cooking or food preparation. But there has been a major shift in this perspective. People have realized that the culinary industry is in fact distinctly wide-ranging. Professionals from this industry are working in diverse sectors like events management, hospitality, food & beverage, catering, research & development, corporate dining, food styling, and much more.

More and more jobs are being created in this industry, and it is expected that by 2025 the restaurant industry alone will generate more than 1.7 million new jobs! Owing to this huge demand, a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts has become a much sought after course, and many colleges in India are offering it. BCTCA (Bachelors of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts) is one such example.

About the BCTCA course

This 3-year course can be pursued after completing your intermediate or 12th. It focuses on fueling your passion to learn about the basic and advanced aspects of culinary arts. Through this course, you get to explore the world of different cuisines and make yourself capable enough to invent something new. 

The top institutes also train you to take up the key job roles not just in India but abroad too! In case you are having double thoughts on whether to become a culinary professional or not, let us provide you five solid reasons to become one.

  1. The booming hospitality and tourism sector

The hospitality and tourism sector is growing at a decent rate of 3.9%, contributing more than 319 million jobs worldwide! Culinary professionals are hired for restaurants, hotels, event management companies, catering companies, etc. The rate at which new jobs are being created in this field is much higher than the number of culinary professionals colleges are producing. This trend is going to continue for the next few years. In short, it’s the best time for you to become a culinary professional and grab opportunities.

  1. The industry wants to hire managers!

Be it restaurants, hotels, QSRs, or catering services, these days companies are looking to hire educated and industry-ready culinary professionals who can run a kitchen and even showcase management skills. When you pursue a course like BCTCA, it prepares you for the high-paying managerial jobs. For example, Pinnacle IHM offers English Oxford training to its students, and it plays a crucial role in honing their communication skills.

  1. Chefs are in demand!

Owing to the growing food culture in India and around the world, chefs are more in demand than ever. New dine-in restaurants, 5-star hotels, QSRs, etc. are joining the foodservice market every year, thus creating more job opportunities for aspiring chefs. Chef related jobs are not limited to just restaurants, hotels, or catering services. Even the big corporate houses hire professional chefs for their office cafeterias, mainly to bring in cuisine diversity for their employees. Likewise, there are many other sectors where businesses are looking to hire well-trained chefs.

  1. They go through a well-rounded education

Once you finish a course like BCTCA, you get tons of hands-on experience as well as exposure to all sorts of baking and cooking techniques. Pursuing your Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts from any of the premier colleges transforms you into a chef with a broad knowledge base. ATK (Advanced Training Kitchen), BTK (Basic Training Kitchen), QTK (Quantity Training Kitchen), see-through kitchens, studio kitchens, and other modern facilities transform you into an industry-ready chef. You get to learn both kitchen management and team management skills, making you a suitable candidate for the high-paying jobs in India as well as abroad.

  1. The continuously evolving fine-dine and restaurant industry

Customers nowadays have become more conscious of the kind of gastronomic experience they want to go through. Therefore, the top restaurants and fine-dines are focusing more on hiring chefs who can bring more variety to the plate. India is a land of diverse cuisines, and it is one of the key reasons why a lot of chefs graduating from India are getting placed internationally, by cruise liners, resorts, 5-star hotels, and event management companies, etc.

So, those are some of the reasons that explain the demand for culinary arts professionals all across the world. If you have completed your 10+2 board exams or still pursuing your intermediate, you should give this amazing career option a thought. In a nutshell, a bright future awaits you!

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