Finger Millet –The Wonder Grains


Finger millet popularly referred to as Ragi in Telugu, has taken its origin in Africa and later spread to Asian countries. In recent research, millet unearthed it’s amazing nutritional attributes. Finger millet is especially popular in south India and is staple diet in many parts of India. The millet is especially known for high quantities of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber content. Finger millet – a gluten free cereal and is a very rich source of calcium and iron. As the millet is consumed without much processing the nutritive properties largely remains intact. Consumption of finger millet on a regular basis is found to be greatly beneficial for people suffering from eye diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, anemia, high blood pressure, asthma etc. This millet also helps in fighting against malnutrition and degenerative diseases. The high amounts of antioxidants present in these grains act as anti aging agents. Certain amino acids present in these grains aid in reducing weight, hence greatly useful in treating obesity. It is due to these innumerable nutritional and health benefits the millet came to be known as SUPER FOOD. The use of finger millet is on the rise in urban areas and is also finding place in modern Indian kitchens. Apart from using in the traditional recipes like Ragi Kanji or Ragi Sankati or Ragi Ambali or Ragi Malt, Ragi Mudda or Ragi Rotte today, finger millet flour is extensively used in preparation of wide varieties of products like Ragi Flakes, Ragi Noodles, Ragi Vermicelli. It is also extensively used in preparation of a large variety of bakery products like breads, cakes, muffins, cookies etc. Today ragi flour is used to prepare almost all varieties of snacks and breakfast items like Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosa, Ragi Bajji, Ragi Pakodi, Ragi Upma, Ragi Murukulu, Ragi Pappuchakkalu, Ragi Poori, Ragi Uthappa etc. Ragi sprouts can be used in preparation of sumptuous soups and salads. A large variety of Indian desserts are now being made using gluten free flour like Ragi Halwa, Ragi Kheer, Ragi Laddoo, Ragi Malpua, etc. Health conscious and weight conscious people are increasingly consuming Ragi based products. These products are not only high in nutrients but also help in easy digestion and are very tasty. However people suffering from thyroid issues need to consult their physician before consuming the millet based products.


It is an interesting recipe which blending the unique taste of Ragi with the freshness of coriander. Can be used as a snack or breakfast item .Especially useful to children, as it combats malnutrition and promotes growth.

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