5 mistakes to avoid when selecting a hotel management college

5 mistakes to avoid when selecting a hotel management college

The hospitality sector has become one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. As a result, several hotel management colleges have popped up in the last couple of decades that can result in confusion among students. When you are trying to find the best Institute of Hotel Management, there are countless options available. There is a possibility that you may end up making mistakes while finalizing the right one. Here is a list of five mistakes to avoid when selecting a hotel management college.

  • Not cross-checking the information you get

It may not be possible to find the best institute without doing your homework and collect all the information you may need before finalizing the institute. When you are looking out for the best hotel management college like Pinnacle IHM, you must gather all the relevant information about it. It should not be limited to the course details but also cover the infrastructure, faculty, reviews, and more. You have to be very careful and cross-check all the information as your career will depend on it.

  • Falling for the peer pressure

One of the biggest mistakes youngsters do is choose their college based on the choices of their friends. Every student has different needs and a slight change in career path can ruin your future forever. For a field like Hotel Management, you should choose a college that not only concentrates on the theoretical part of the studies but also has the required infrastructure for in-house practice such as training restaurant, front office lab, model guest room, housekeeping lab and more. It should help students to complete their field experience at the best hotels across the country. Make sure your institute has good internship options.

  • Not focusing on communication skills

For those who are going for the hospitality industry, communication skills are the most important. You will deal with clients from across the globe. If you are not confident enough or cannot talk to tourists from foreign countries, it will get impossible for you to find the right job. Pinnacle IHM has collaborations with Oxford University to enhance their students’ communication skills. The institute holds seminars, workshops, and classes to help students learn how to deal with different situations.

  • Bad placement records

Have you shortlisted the colleges? Did you check the placement record of the institutes you want to apply at? It would help if you chose the college that has an excellent placement record. Institutes like Pinnacle IHM give you a good start with placement at a minimum package of 2.4 lakh up to 7.5 lakh per annum. Anything less than such a record is not going to be worth it. If your institute can provide support for further studies, it will be an icing on the cake.

  • Missing the campus tour

In the end, you should not miss the campus tour of the college you want to choose. Let the vibes of the location sync in and see if the environment feels good. It won’t take more than a couple of hours to see if it is the right college for you or not. Seeing it with your own eyes will make a lot of difference while finalizing the college. A good college like Pinnacle IHM has numerous facilities, including gym, food science club, digital library, computer lab, and more. You should make sure the institute you like have such facilities.

Choosing the right hotel management college can be a tricky task. While everyone makes a check-list to find the positive aspects of the college, you should keep in mind that you may commit mistakes while searching and posing a risk to your career. The list mentioned above will help you to avoid such mistakes.

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