When you hear the hospitality, you might be thinking of hotels, but the truth is that a hospitality management degree will open the doors to more than just restaurants and hotels.

When you hear the word hospitality, you might think of hotels, but the truth is that a hospitality management degree will open the doors to more than just restaurants and hotels. A good hotel school will give you the skills, experience and business knowledge to work in many industries offering endless possibilities for career growth. Here’s a look at the vast world of hospitality management and the adjacent industries where hospitality business graduates find employment with some of the world’s top international companies.

The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is growing steadily, providing many career options for individuals who have the right training and education for this vast and exciting industry. By the year 2024, the travel and tourism industry (which includes hospitality) will have generated 346 million jobs and account for one in ten jobs on the planet (WTTC Report, 2015). Hospitality and event management careers can take-off in many directions but the core of the hospitality industry is found in these main areas: hotels and resorts, culinary businesses, travel and tourism, and events. Let’s take a deeper look.

Hotel Management: career ladders straight to the top


Hotels and resorts are the heart of hospitality and they offer a dynamic range of career paths. With the growth of the hospitality industry, travelers are no longer limited to the big hotel chains and palace hotels of old. There are more diverse types of hotels opening every year: boutique hotels, business hotels, apartment hotels, and many other types of modern accommodations for every type of traveler.

Within every hotel, there are jobs in the “front-of-house” such as the food and beverage outlets, reception, and guest services. Then there is the “back-of-house” such as the kitchens and the rooms division. In these operational departments, hospitality graduates who like a hands-on approach and being in the action evolve quickly, moving up from entry-level supervisory roles to department head and management positions.

In international hotel companies there are also many unseen roles in human resources, marketing and sales, finance and general management. These departments within the hotel itself often lead to corporate careers. A graduate may join a department in a hotel or resort, and find themselves on a career track with transfers and promotions to senior positions in the corporate head offices of a major international company.

Tourism Management: organizing the experience and the flow


Tourism has doubled in the past 20 years and is expected to double again over the next 20. Travel and tourism make up 9% of global GDP, and the industry is the world’s largest employer. Within the next decade, it is anticipated that this industry will create an additional 75 million jobs and international tourist numbers will reach 1.8 billion by 2030.

To manage and capitalize on this ever growing flux of tourists, destinations offer a growing number of attractions and services. Likewise, hospitality-trained graduates find an increasing number of jobs in tourism-related services: museums and historical monuments, luxury trains and cruise packages, theme parks and casinos, destination management organizations, consultancy and more