Student Government

The Student Government has been divided into the following committees:

  • Academic Committee
  • Annual Festival Committee
  • Cafeteria Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • Hostel Management Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • (Student members on) Placement Committee
  • Environmental committee
  • Anti Ragging committee

Election Procedure

Annual Elections are generally held in August / September months
The students of current 1st, 2nd and 3rd year degree classes will take part in the elections. In case some of the elected members from the 2nd year go out for their internship (during their one-year term of service), the respective committees may co-opt (i.e. appoint) new members so as to maintain the total strength of the committee.

Elections for all Committees will be done using a Preferential Voting system: For a Committee with ‘n’ members from a constituency, every voter in that constituency will vote for ‘n’ persons, specifying these names in order of preference. In case of only one member from @ Bo Jackson Jersey a constituency, the mode will automatically become a simple majority vote. A person can contest in elections for the next term while holding a post in the current term, as long as he/she satisfies the respective eligibility criteria.

A person cannot hold more than one post in a term. A person can stand for only one post in an election. Anyone who is not on either academic or disciplinary probation can contest in the elections for all the committees, @Odell Beckham Jr Youth Jersey except for the academic committee (which needs additional criteria listed below).

Representation On Various Committees

The following table shows the distribution of membership for the different Committees :


1st Yr

2nd Yr

3rd Yr

1. Academic Committee 02 02 03
2. Annual Festival Committee 02 03 03
3. Cafeteria Committee 02 02
4. Cultural Committee 02 03 04
5. Hostel Management Committee 02 01 01
6. SportsCommittee 01 02
7. Placement Committee(Student members on) 01 01
8. Food Festival’s Committee 02 02 02

Functions of various committees

Academic Committee

Annual Festival Committee

Cultural Committee

Cafeteria Committee

Student Affairs Department


Student service

Sports Committee

Placement Committee

Hostel Management Council

Food Festivals’ Committee

National placements

International placements

Entrepreneur cell

Anti Ragging

Ragging in any form is strictly banned in this institution whether in the class room or in the hostel. If any body is found doing the same he will be immediately terminated form the college and the candidate has to pay the complete fee and take back his certificates. The college will blacklist the candidate and the same will be conveyed to the prospective employee’s.

Unique Restaurant -Hamara canteen- by the students ,for the students, to the students.

This unique concept will give a chance to students to manage their own canteen which will help them when they have to manage their own business units or when they are employed as business heads or managers.

Career Service

Training is an integral part of the wards curriculum- irrespective of the duration of the course. In industrial training students learn.

A dedicated – Student affairs department helps the students in all aspects about their courses, future careers, internship, interviews, recruitment, making their curriculum vitae, developing their job interview technique, arranging seminars, guest lecturers etc. This department ensures a smooth transition of students into most sought after professionals

At Pinnacle a dedicated national placements ensures placement at national level for wards who seek placement other than their own state.

This division ensures placements and future studies on an international scale, for the present, outgoing batches or alumni of the college.

A first of its kind in India, this cell will give complete guidance to the wards who would like start their own ventures, it has a team of charted accountants, project managers, engineers who can help our wards to setup their own business establishment irrespective of the size of the project.