Chairman Message

Dear students,

India is the second largest employment provider in the hospitality industry next to the U.S.A. Just a course from us ensures a job not only in the @Jarvis Landry Womens Jersey hotels but also in more than a dozen different service sectors. We started this institution with a zeal to create “True Hospitality Professionals” who are in great demand rather than students with mere paper qualifications.

It was with this strong commitment, that we started the college .It began with a modest strength of just 8 students, offering just one diploma course and today with a multi-fold growth we are offering many courses – degree , diploma, and courses at plus 2 level (Intermediate) all these courses specializing in hotel management and its allied @Jordan Howard Womens Jersey fields through different colleges run by our education society.

By 2020 we would like to be a university specializing in various hotel management courses.

We would like to see each and every ward @Jay Ajayi Kids Jersey of our institution reaching the “Pinnacle” in their careers at a very early age and remain in that position to the maximum extent possible. This very noble dream of ours was well received by our wards which is the very reason why they are found placed in enviable positions across the globe.