The employment scenario of hotel management students is very encouraging as today hotel/ hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in World including India. The World travel and tourism council predicts that between now and 2020 the hotel and tourism industry will generate 750 million jobs constituting of approximately 10% of total world employment.

India is the second largest employment provider in Hospitality industry, after U S A. Today hotel management professionals are in great demand, as domestic hotels are aggressively adding rooms and foreign hotel companies are making use of the relaxed norms for foreign direct investment in our country.

Presently there are about 13,20,000 hotel rooms by 2015 & 2020 there would be 29,00,000 and 66,00,000 rooms respectively out of these only 7% are in the star category.

As of date there is a demand supply gap of 1:6 i.e. for every 6 jobs there is only one qualified person in the star category hotels alone, this number will be1:55 if other emerging sectors are included.

We have roughly 275 hotel management colleges producing 30000 students and only 50% of them are joining hotels in India, which is increasing the demand supply gap even further making the figure touch close to 1:100
Hyderabad scenario is even more attractive as many new hotels have come up in Telengana, while the existing hotels have increased their capacities. As Telengana has not only become a favorite tourist destination, but also a hub for other industries like Aviation, Software Companies, Airliners, Hospitality Service Providing Companies etc., This surge has led to thousands of job opportunities in hotel and tourism sectors. These thousands of job opportunities have multiplied into many thousands with the addition of 40 budget, 14 star (3/4/5 star) 3 seven star hotels in and around the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad.